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Random Boolean Networks - Random Boolean Networks - Andrew Wuensche

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Andrew Wuensche, DDL
Random Boolean Networks

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Collaborative Intelligence Compass
is an evolving navigation tool to diverse resources on collaborative intelligence, showing how the cognate fields of life science, Earth science, cognitive science, and computer science complement each other to define this new domain.

Collaborative Intelligence Compass


Microbes-Mind Forum

debates the impact of life-like systems on the future, assembling transdisciplinary groups of thought leaders to debate themes across the origin, evolution, and synthesis of life, artificial life and artificial intelligence — how life-like systems inform collaborative intelligence.

Collaborative Intelligence Theory



What IF? (Innovating the Future)
is an evolving framework for action-oriented learning, applying principles of collaborative intelligence to transform learning from passive memorization to active collaboration, a media revolution in global learning harnessing new learning methods and IT systems.

Collaborative Intelligence Applications - Planet Innovation, What IF?


C-IQ Links

C-IQ – Google Tech Talk
SAP Labs Future Salon 
Innovation Networks

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